TUF 10 coaches official: Rampage wanted Evans over Machida

It seems odd that a fighter would pass on a title shot but as we've seen Quinton Jackson is generally off a bit. It was announced by the UFC and Spike this morning that Jackson and Rashad Evans would be the coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. The glaring absence is UFC light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida, who just destroyed Evans at UFC 98.

Jackson said he was given a choice of who he wanted to fight and picked Evans over the title shot:

"I had my mind set to fight Evans," said Jackson. "I was actually there coaching (at UFC 98) trying to get him to win the fight. I want Evans he got in my face (at UFC 96), right after my fight. That was the wrong time to get in my face."

Listen to the The Ultimate Fighter 10 teleconference:

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