Travis Browne moves into title contention with a KO win over Josh Barnett at UFC 168

Elias Cepeda

Travis Browne officially has a signature move. For the second time in three fights, Browne has scored a knock out with elbows to the temple of an opponent as they tried to take him down.

From their start of their heavyweight bout, Browne gave Barnett problems with his quicknesses and athleticism. The former UFC champ Barnett soon began scrambling, looking for a take down.

On his way in for a shot, Barnett ate a knee to the face from Browne. From there, Barnett held on to Browne's legs, perhaps stunned or simply still looking for the take down, and then the Hawaiian began to rain down nasty elbows to the temple of "The Baby-Faced Assassin," knocking him unconscious.

The win is Browne's third straight KO win and will likely propel him to a title contender's match against Fabricio Werdum as heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez sits out with his shoulder injury. Barnett's loss is his first in the UFC since 2001.

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