Torres brings good luck to Buerhle but leaves perfect game early

White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle made history today in Chicago throwing the 16th perfect game since the beginning of the modern era in 1900. What an amazing site to witness for the lucky 28,036 who were in attendance. I'll bet you in 20 years, that number of people, who say they saw Buerhle seal the deal, somehow swells to 280,036. One guy who won't be able to fib about it, is mixed martial arts fighter Miguel Torres.

One of Yahoo! Sports' top five pound-for-pound fighters in the world, Torres was lucky enough to throw out the first pitch before Buerhle's gem. Now he can say he witnessed history. Not quite. Torres, arguably the most dedicated fighter in the sport, never veers from his training schedule. He has a fight quickly approach on August 9 in Las Vegas and he's training twice a day. With an hour drive ahead of him to return to his gym in Hammond, Indiana, Torres left this monumental game early!

"I have two more weeks of intense training going on," Torres told ESPNRadio1100's Afternoon Gridlock Show in Las Vegas. "I didn't want to stay and the game wouldn't end. I had a bunch of guys coming out to train tonight."

Torres said he rarely breaks away from his training and he felt a sense of loyalty.

"If you don't put your time in the gym, it shows on fight day."

Listen below as Mitch Moss speaks with Torres about his big day:

Torres is so dedicated to his training that he moves out of house, where he lives with his wife and daughter, and lives at the gym in a dingy studio apartment in the weeks before his fights.

Torres, a casual White Sox, can still say he was a small part of the historic day:

"I know I was there for history. I'm disappointed I didn't get to stay for the whole game but when anyone asks who threw out the first pitch for the game, they're going to say it was me."

Torres said he threw an on-target bullet but the catcher dropped it. The WEC bantamweight champ claims he threw a cutter but because of a scuff on the ball it dove away from the catcher.

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