Toney wants UFC title before boxing title, fires back at BHop

During Thurday's UFC 118 prefight teleconference, James Toney was pretty low key. That was until Nick Solomon from Jabs and Grabs brought up the comments from fellow boxers Bernard Hopkins and David Haye.

"Bernard can go somewhere to get his damn teeth fixed and David Haye's gay," said Toney. "I don't care about none of that. They just [inaudible] miserable with that [expletive]."

Hopkins told Mauro Ranallo's satellite radio show that Toney was "going to get his [expletive] kicked." While Haye said the boxer has no business being in an MMA fight, Toney isn't pleased that boxers are turning their back on the veteran.

The current IBA boxing champ was asked what he would rather fight for: the UFC heavyweight title or one of the more recognized boxing belts.

"Brock Lesnar says let's do it, let's do it December or January," said Toney. "The 'Bitchko's' ain't fightin' me, so I'm going to fight Lesnar. Why not? I'm going to knock him out too."

Wladimir Klitschko is slated to defend his belts in September against Samuel Peter, who Toney lost to twice. Vitali Klitschko is set to face 38-year-old Shannon Briggs on Oct. 16.

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