Toney prepping for Shamrock by fighting with local gym members

If it were anyone else, we'd be shocked. But it's James Toney, so anything's possible. The former boxing world champion, holding on to the final shreds of his dignity, was recently booted from a local gym in Southern California.

Larry Brown Sports reports that Toney, who's "prepping" for a September fight against 47-year-old Ken Shamrock,  is no longer welcome at 360 Health Club in Reseda, Ca.

The gym would not comment on the matter citing company policy, but they did confirm that Toney is no longer a member. We're told Toney made another member feel uncomfortable with a verbal and/or physical threat.

When asked what happened between him and 360, Toney told LBS "We had a disagreement with the managers. We had too much traffic coming in — the wrong traffic." We did not press Toney for details on the specifics of the incident, but officials at 360 say the suggestion that bringing in "the wrong traffic" was not the issue.

If you'd like to check out the 42-year-old in action, he's now at the IFC gym in Van Nuys, Ca.

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