Tito Ortiz is worried about sounding like Chuck Liddell

Slurred speech is one of the many scary long term effects of taking thousand of punches as a professional boxer. Have we seen what happens from a long MMA career? Tito Ortiz suggested to The Junkies on WJFK in Washington, D.C. that Chuck Liddell is a prime example of what can happen:

"I want to inspire any kids under the age of 19, 20 to spar with each other with gloves and headgear. You get punched in the face and all of sudden you start talking like Chuck Liddell."

Listen to Ortiz talk about his home and club life with Jenna Jameson (1:40 mark):

Ortiz, 34, mentioned that he'd like to retire around 36 but may continue to fight even longer if the money is huge. During the interview, he also rips Anderson Silva (0:56 mark) for not fighting hard at UFC 97. Listen here to the entire 45 minute interview with Ortiz.

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