It's time for someone to rough up Vinny

Lightweight Phillipe Nover comes into tomorrow night's Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale as the most hyped fighter. But by the looks of the fights during the season, maybe Vinny Magalhaes should be getting just as much attention. Magalhaes' jiu-jitsu is being talked about as if he's already on par with some of the best veterans in the UFC. He's facing Ryan Bader, a former wrestler at Arizona State, for the light heavyweight honors. Bader told Yahoo! Sports that he knows the key to beating Magalhaes. He's says it's time for someone to attack the Brazilian and make it a fight:

"I think I'm going to outwill him. I think when hit him he's going to realize that's not where he's going to want to be. He's going to try and pull guard or do a sloppy takedown."

It was mentioned several times on the show that Magalhaes doesn't want to get to hit in the face. Frankly, no fighter does but that can't keep you from throwing your strikes with aggression. And it looked like Magalhaes was often in preventative mode rather than attack mode.

"My plan is not to go the ground. He's been saying he wants to stand and knock me out. I think he's being a little too prideful. He wants to kinda show the fans that he's got something else."

Bader says he spoke with Raphael Davis, who has a win over Magalhaes. Davis, another wrestler simply mauled and bullied Vinny. He eventually got Magalhaes to the ground and choked him out.

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