It's time for Ortiz to do some Fertitta butt smooching

For a who guy who was on top of the mixed martial arts game as recent as four years ago, Tito Ortiz's bargaining power has been reduced to zippo at age 33. UFC president Dana White has made it clear that he hates Ortiz and doesn't want to work with him. He retirated that in the press conference after UFC 90:

"You guys know I hate Tito so you always have to ask me a question about Tito. Listen the guy hasn't won a fight in a longtime," said White who is factually incorrect. Tito did beat UFC light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin in April of 2006 and did fight Rashad Evans to a draw in July of 2007. "I don't know, Lorenzo still likes Tito."

Ortiz is probably at the backend of the top 10 in the 205 class. With a high price tag and a diminished rep in the cage, he's in real trouble unless it is true that UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta really loves the guy. That said, Ortiz is still threw UFC around as an option in his future when he spoke with MMAJacked's Chris Greenman.

Tito explains that his other option is Affliction. If there's a UFC offer on the table, Ortiz had better sign soon. Ortiz is in a risky negotiating position.

He says he had the same spinal fusion surgery as UFC fighter Nate Quarry. Ortiz is out of action a minimum of 6-8 months after back surgery less than four weeks ago. Which means that Affliction may not exist when Ortiz is actually ready to fight. Quarry got the surgery in June of 2006 and missed 15 months.

Ortiz also mentions that he was all signed, sealed and delivered with EliteXC before it went out of the business. Is this another Ortiz misinterpretation or outright lie? It was mentioned in a few circles last week that EliteXC was holding fighters to their contracts leading up to a public auction next week. Did Ortiz also fib when he mentions potentially fighting on CBS for Affliction?

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