Tim Sylvia, please don't fight again

Tim Sylvia is rumored to be fighting again. This time, instead of getting knocked out by Ray Mercer, choked out by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira or Fedor Emelianenko, or having his arm snapped by Frank Mir, Sylvia is said to facing Jason Riley at an Adrenaline event in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Oh, Tim. Just stop.

You were once the UFC heavyweight champion. You were paid an insane amout of money to fight Emelianenko for 36 seconds. Can't you just sit around, eat doughnuts, and make jokes about Matt Hughes all day? Must you really keep fighting?

I realize that Monte Cox is both your manager and the promoter of Adrenaline fights. (Cough -- conflict of interest -- cough) But unless he has pictures of you playing strip poker with the devil, Dana White and Andrei Arlovkski, do you really owe it to him to keep fighting? For your last fight, you were out-of-shape, overweight and clearly not committed to winning. You haven't given anyone much of a reason to believe that this time, you'l be different.

You have to find some other interests. Read a book, play some video games, pick up women, maybe even take up scrapbooking. Whatever you do, just hang up those gloves, or we'll be forced to see you do this again, and nobody wants that.

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