Tim Kennedy performs Katy Perry’s ‘Part of Me’

Maggie Hendricks

Two videos were sent to Cagewriter in the past 12 hours. One was a Quinton "Rampage" Jackson video that tried to make a joke about rape by showing Jackson, the rapist in the video, get beat up when his intended target turned out to be a man. It was pointless, unfunny, beyond offensive, and not worth the time of Cagereaders.

Then this gem hit the internet, and it spoke to me. Do the wonderful readers of Cagewriter want to watch Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy perform Katy Perry's song, "Part of Me?" Obviously, the answer is yes. It's five minutes, but worth it to see Kennedy's dancing.

He's been waiting for a fight for too long, but at least he's putting his time off to use. Hopefully, we'll see more of what Kennedy is capable of soon, both in and out of the cage.