Thiago Alves blows weight on first try for UFC 138

Maggie Hendricks

Another trip to England meant another gaffe at the scale for welterweight fighter Thiago Alves. At the weigh-ins for UFC 138, Alves weighed in at 172 on the first try, one pound over the welterweight limit for a non-title fight. He needed an extra hour to drop the last pound.

Alves also missed weight for his UFC 85 win over Matt Hughes and his UFC 117 fight Jon Fitch. After the loss to Fitch, Alves began work with noted MMA nutritionist Mike Dolce, and had no problems at the scale for bouts at UFC 124 and UFC 130. This weekend's bout with Pappy Abedi seemed to be a chance for Alves to correct his course after losing to Rick Story in May, but not making weight on the first try is not a great way to impress for Alves to impress his bosses.

Even with Dolce's help, Alves is still a muscle-bound fighter who only can drop so much fat and water weight before a bout. He is also not getting any younger, and fighters generally have a tougher time cutting weight as they age. Anthony Johnson struggled to make welterweight for years, and has finally made the decision to move up to middleweight to face Vitor Belfort. Should Alves do the same? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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