Thank you: Crazy redheads who like to throwdown

We're not talking about Lindsay Lohan here. Although there are some similarities between the crazy actress and fighter Tonya Evinger. They both appear to live on the edge and they like playing for both teams. The difference is Evinger can whip our asses and has better taste in women.

Evinger is the atypical athlete not worrying about labels or being politically correct. She mocked on all of us doing these silly, serious post-fight interviews with fighters when she filled the role at EliteXC in Stockton. So what if she was three sheets to the wind? The interviews were belly rattlers.

She topped herself later in the year by the posting pictures of her and Gina Carano having a raucous time on the town later that night. Don't forget she can also fight. She does have a win over Julie Kedzie. Here's wishing all former EliteXC fighters big success and money in 2009, especially the elite female fighters who put their looks on the line to entertain.

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