Tennessee fights canceled after liquor license denied

Maggie Hendricks

For good or bad, alcohol is a part of every MMA event. Whether it's fans getting liquored up in the stands or people flocking to bars to see pay-per-views, alcohol is part of the fight world. Fight organizers in Tennessee didn't want to find out what MMA would be without it.

Extreme Fight Night had to return $6,200 in sponsorship dollars after his permit was denied in Gallatin, Tenn. The city claims they didn't approve the permit because it was designated for non-profit organizations only.

"They (the attendees) will bring beer in their cars, they will be drinking in the parking lot — we will have no control," said the company's marketing director, Christine Swartz, at the beer board hearing. "Whereas, if we sell beer within the venue, we have security; we can control that. If someone has more than one, or we think they're on the brink of a situation, we can physically have them removed."

The story ended well. Extreme Fight Night found another venue to run their fights that had beer. Fight fans had their cold beer in hand again. Phew.

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