You tell us: How should the UFC handle the Condit-Diaz-GSP mess?

Dave Doyle

The Carlos Condit-Nick Diaz controversy continues unabated. In the latest bit of news, the on-again, off-again rematch again appears to be off, and speculation has begun as to the reasons why.

If the UFC doesn't get Condit-Diaz 2, it has to go back to the drawing board and figure out which direction to take the top of the welterweight division for the remainder of 2012.

The company also has a habit of making matches Internet fans want when they make enough noise. So here's your chance to play matchmaker. Vote in our poll and tell us which big fight you want to see next at 170 pounds.

Hold off for Georges St-Pierre vs. Condit: This was, after all, what was promised to begin with.

Don't give up on making Condit-Diaz 2 happen; have the winner fight GSP: The first fight was close and there's a lot of fan interest, so go for it.

Strip GSP of the title and let him fight Diaz: If Diaz is the fight St-Pierre really wants, let him have it, but don't hold up the rest of the welterweight division to do it.

Have Condit defend interim belt against someone else while GSP recuperates: Condit has already defeated Diaz and St-Pierre will be out awhile, so have Condit defend against another top welterweight contender.</p><p>

Enough with all the Condit-Diaz-GSP talk: For those who would rather talk about anything else at this point.

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