Tamura wins close decision over Tapia

Akitoshi Tamura won a stand-up battle with Manny Tapia, a 29-28 unanimous decision. The fight was about as even as a fight can get, as most of press row disagreed on the winner.

Throughout most the fight, Akitoshi Tamura delivered a slew of devastating kicks to Tapia's body, with considerable damage throughout the fight. The fight was completely a stand-up war, with Tapia favoring punches, and Tamura preferring kicks and knees. Tapia hung in, throwing punch after punch, and ending with a flurry of punches, but in the end, Tamura's kicks won over Tapia's knees.

Manny Tapia, with his hair dyed like the Mexican flag, had a raucous Chicago crowd behind him, many yelling cheers in Spanish. The crowd was not pleased with the decision.

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