Talk-show host Dr. Phil is Dana White's favorite celeb

UFC president Dana White has met celebrities ranging from Shaquille O'Neal to George Clooney, but no one impressed him more than talk-show host and Oprah Winfrey protege Dr. Phil. In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, White said he even saved the mug from his appearance on the show.

I didn’t even know who he was. (“I had to talk him into it,” says UFC public relations director Jennifer Wenk.) I knew that he was one of those talk-show guys. We go in, her and I go into this green room, and they come in like, "Here you go. Here’s your Dr. Phil T-shirt and your Dr. Phil mug." I look at Jenn like this (raising eyebrows): "Oh thank you. That’s nice." I’m polite and whatever. Then I throw the thing. Like I want the Dr. Phil mug and T-shirt. Then I go out and we do the show. We meet Dr. Phil. Then we go backstage and we start talking to him and — the coolest guy you could ever meet. Real guy, down to earth, super cool. The way that they do his show, they film the show and then they get you the hell out of there. They bring in a whole other group and start filming another show. So they’re getting us out the door and I’m like, "Wait a minute. I want my Dr. Phil mug. Where’s my Dr. Phil mug?" Before we left, I wanted that Dr. Phil mug.

White appeared on "The Dr. Phil Show" a year ago to discourage youth from street fighting.

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