T.J. Grant is not having your conspiracy theories after bowing out of Benson Henderson bout

Anthony Pettis got what he wanted. He wanted a title fight with Benson Henderson in Milwaukee at UFC 164. Thanks to T.J. Grant's concussion, he is fighting Henderson for the UFC lightweight belt in Milwaukee at UFC 164.

Grant knows how it sounds, but he does not want to hear about your conspiracy theories.

He suffered the concussion during BJJ training. He told MMA Junkie that he took a shot in the head that he was surprised didn't knock him out, and then kept rolling and took another one. It kept him out of training for a month.

"We just kept rolling after the first shot. From that point, later on in the roll he went for a sweep, and like I always would, I used my head to post out and stop it. That was right at the end of the roll, and after that I knew that I rattled my brain a little bit. I never really had a concussion that I can remember. I've never felt anything close to it, but it is what it is. I fought Gray a couple weeks before, and he hit me a couple of times, too. So who knows?"

Concussions don't have a regular timetable for recovery. They're not like a torn ACL or broken arm, where experience says how long it takes to heal. Every concussion is different, and training before an athlete is ready can be disastrous.

As for any ideas that Grant was paid to drop the fight so the UFC could put in Pettis, a Milwaukee native, it doesn't make much sense. If there was going to be a bait-and-switch, wouldn't it be smarter to start with Pettis, and once tickets were sold, slide in the lesser-known Grant?