Sylvia and Arlovski, the feud that never dies

It simply brings a smile to your face to hear Andrei Arlovski continue to harbor resentment towards Tim Sylvia in their Jerry Springer-esque story. Arlovski dated Polish model Patrycja Mikula for two years. They broke up earlier this year and low behold the guy who beat Arlovski twice in a UFC cage, Sylvia, was seen out and about with Mikula at the same fighting event attended by the Belarussian.

Months later Arlovski, obviously still angry that Sylvia stuck it to him by seeing his old girlfriend, ripped off the MMA line of the year by asking Tim, "How's taste my pee pee" in an interview with MMARated.

It's all dead right? Not quite. Arlovski was interviewed this week at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood to preview his Jan. 24 Affliction fight against Fedor Emelianenko. Arlovski talks about his two losses to Sylvia saying, "that pee pee taster, he beat me twice."

Click picture to watch the MMAWeekly video. Arlovski mentions Sylvia around 1/4 mark of the interview:

Now Sylvia isn't the only guy who has to hear about Arlovski's junk and where it left its mark. Apparently, Mikula's most recent boyfriend, a bodybuilder in Southern California, is tired of hearing about it too.

Apparently "bodybuilder guy" was angry about the question. We're not sure why he doesn't make the short jaunt from Fullerton to Hollywood and ask the guy who uttered the original phrase? I'm sure Arlovski would be glad to discuss the topic. Josh Barnett is in SoCal too and he loves the line as well.

Thank god that puritanical Cluster Puck (NHL) commissioner Gary Bettman doesn't run MMA. Arlovski's Sean Avery-like comments may have gotten the Fedor fight canceled.

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