Swick survives bee attack to fight Goulet

Mike Swick is clearly a better fighter than he is a golfer, especially when the golfing induces an attack by bees:

Tomorrow's tilt with Jonathan Goulet will be graduation day for both of them. Both Swick and Goulet are on winning streaks -- two in a row for Swick, three for Goulet -- and are trying to climb the ladder to get a shot at the welterweight belt. They will have to get in line behind B.J. Penn, who gets his shot on Jan. 31, and Thiago Alves, but a win will help them cut a few places.

Join us for a live chat during Spike's broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night. We'll start at 8:45 p.m. ET. Be there, or we'll send a swarm of bees your way.

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