Swick is cool with UFC and his gym

With all the drama that came down on Thursday between the UFC and the fighters at the American Kickboxing Academy, welterweight Mike Swick was put in an odd position. Would he choose his teammates and gym or the fighting promotion? As it turns, he didn't have to choose either because the UFC wasn't threatening to dump every fighter from AKA, just Jon Fitch, Cain Velasquez, Christian Wellisch and Josh Koscheck. Swick told MMARated that the AKA fighters were free make their own decisions and break from management if they wanted:

"The team is still the same. We're not against each other at all. The situation is your relationship with UFC. I only know mine. They've take care of me in the past and I've taken care of them."

Swick is sporting a pretty impressive insane man look. But he's got a way to go to reach Dustin Hazelett level with the beard. His comments about the upcoming Jonathan Goulet fight are interesting. This is a make or break fight for Swick, who is looking to carve out a name at 170 lbs.