Oliveira brilliant in finish of Wisely, Swanson scores big KO at UFC on Fox 2


CHICAGO -- Eric Wisely learned a new submission term - the calf slicer. Unfortunately, it was Wisely's calf, knee and thigh that were being shredded by Charles Oliveira.

In his featherweight debut, Oliveira showed off some nifty scrambling and submission skills in finishing the American at the 1:53 mark of the first round. The UFC's Tom Gerbasi said it was the first calf slicer finish in the history of the promotion.

Oliveira (15-2, 3-2 UFC, 1 NC) landed the Submission of the Night bonus good for  $65,000.

"It felt amazing to walk out and hear the energy of the crowd here in Chicago. I was extremely confident and proud going into this fight and I knew that God would be with me," Oliveira said. "I have practiced my submissions endlessly and it was easy to look for that opportunity to finish the fight. I am ready for the next challenge inside the Octagon."

Oliveira looked solid in all aspects, most importantly the bounce in his step. This was the 22-year-old's first fight down at 145 pounds. That first trip down to a new weight class can always be dicey from a stamina standpoint. The Brazilian's length at 5-foot-10 gave Wisely trouble from the start. He just couldn't get inside on Oliveira.

After eating a few good punches and a kick, Wisely (19-7) flopped to his back. From there, Oliveira patiently hovered above looking to land some good shots. He finally grabbed a leg and dropped back to work on a heel hook. It was tight, but Wisely escaped serious damage. He wasn't out of it, so Oliveira tried to reset the position.

Wisely scrambled to get to his hands and knees with his back facing Oliveira. That's when the Brazilian went into improvise-mode, jumped on Wisely's back and dropped back down. But he did so without releasing Wisely's left leg. He cranked backwards and the pressure on Wisely's leg was incredible. He tapped with his right hand a couple of times. The referee missed it. He groaned in agony as he tapped again with the left. The fight was over. Wisely (19-7, 0-1 UFC) lost his promotional debut.

"I've got to work on a few things to improve my overall game. With these Brazilian jiu-jitsu guys, I've got to be a little quicker all around. That might have been enough to have kept me from getting caught and we might be looking at an entirely different outcome," said Wisely.

Swanson posts a beautiful knockout of Roop

Cub Swanson's hands haven't always been kind to him. Tonight, they paid dividends big time.

Swanson scored a huge second-round knockout with a perfectly placed right hand on George Roop's chin. The impact of Swanson's overhand right sent Roop's mouthpiece flying into the cage and he went down in a heap. A surprised Swanson jumped on top to throw 10 more unanswered punches and the fight was stopped at 2:23 of the second.

"That shot just connected and rocked him and put him on his back. I wanted to make sure that I had finished it because it all happened so fast. I'm going to take about two weeks off and see how I feel. I might be looking to get back in here pretty quickly after a win like this," said Swanson.

During the immediate aftermath of the victory, Swanson (16-5, 1-1 UFC) appeared to a get a little emotional. It's been a rough run the last few years for Swanson, who's battled hand issue after hand issue. Because of the injuries, he's only fought two times since Aug. of 2010.

"We had some pretty good action when the match started and I was using my range to gain the advantage. I'm really not sure what happened because it really just happened to fast. He hit me with something that I didn't see coming at all," said Roop (12-9-1, 2-5 UFC).

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