Strikeforce's Three Stars: Diaz, 'Jacare' and de Randamie

Strikeforce flew through their event in San Jose on Saturday. In fact, none of the professional bouts on the card required the use of judges. They all ended in submission or knockout. Who stood out?

No. 1 star -- Nick Diaz: While Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos was tenderizing Diaz's legs with whipping kicks, Diaz somehow fought both aggressively and patiently. He battered Cyborg with bunches of strikes in a back-and-forth first round, and then waited until Cyborg got tired and made a mistake in the second round. Cyborg's takedown was his undoing, allowing Diaz to show off the BJJ skills he attained in earning a black belt from Cesar Gracie.

No. 2 star -- Ronald "Jacare" Souza: Speaking of amazing grapplers, Jacare withstood an early onslaught of strikes from Robbie Lawler to come back and lock up a textbook rear naked choke on Lawler. He is undefeated since his first fight with Strikeforce in late in 2009.

No. 3 star -- Germaine de Randamie: In her third MMA bout, de Randamie showed off the Muay Thai expertise that earned her a 48-0 record in that discipline. Watch here to see her outlast Stephanie Webber's grappling, then knock her out with a knee. She still has much to learn about MMA, but it will be fun to watch her grow into a mixed martial artist.