Strikeforce's Gegard Mousasi taking stardom in stride

Gegard Mousasi, who is set to fight Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou at Strikeforce in suburban Chicago this Saturday, had a video camera following him around at Wednesday's open workout as well as different photographers shooting pictures of his every move. He laughed through a session of shadow boxing for the cameras and took all the media attention in stride.

"If you win, they say good stuff, if you lose, they bring you down," Mousasi told Cagewriter. "To be able to win my fights, I must focus on the good things, like training."

After his last fight, a TKO of Renato "Babalu" Sobral, ended in just a minute, Mousasi wants to show off his skills to an American audience.

"I can win with submission, ground and pound or stand-up, so I'm going to take my time, be sharp and put the pressure and take whatever I can. I'm going to try to do everything."

Strikeforce TV analyst Frank Shamrock thinks that Mousasi is one of Strikeforce's budding stars.

"I think there's a fighter on the card who possesses an extraordinary skill set, and has been overlooked," Shamrock said. "Mousasi, for his weight, is one of the best fighters on the planet. No one knows it yet. They found out a little bit when he won the belt, and they're going to find out a little bit more on Saturday night."

At the same time, Mousasi's not overlooking Sokoudjou, who struggled with the UFC but was quite successful in fights overseas.

"He's a dangerous opponent. I think people underestimate him. I will take my time with him and hopefully do the job well."

If Mousasi does win, he said he wants to fight soon, but stopped short of calling out any particular fighter, including Strikeforce's newest light heavyweight signing, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, who was just a few feet away from him in the gym.

"There are some good fighters. King Mo, I hear is a new talent. A match with him would be an exciting one, but it's not up to me," Mousasi said.

Lawal, who is rumored to be fighting for Strikeforce on Dec. 19, sees a fight with Mousasi as inevitable.

"Me and him are going to end up fighting. It's going to happen eventually. It's bound to happen. He keeps winning, I keep winning, it's going to happen," Lawal told Cagewriter.

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