Strikeforce starts out with a quick stoppage, controversy

Pat Benson vs. Dave Cochran

Pat Benson started the night off with a quick win over Dave Cochran. Benson, who trains with the popular local gym, Finney's MMA, worked an early takedown, let up Cochran, and then pulled guard on Cochran. He then turned a triangle choke attempt into an armbar, winning 2:42 into the first round.

Scott Ventimiglia vs. Lucas Lopes

Two more local fighters took to the cage as Scott Ventimiglia (pictured) and Lucas Lopes fought a middleweight bout. The fight started out well for Ventimiglia, who dominated with a quick takedown and side control. He worked on a kimura attempt that didn't pan out. Not long after that, Lopes attempted knee bar, and as Ventimiglia stood, he kneed Lopes while he was down. Lopes was knocked out, and Ventimiglia was disqualified for kneeing a downed opponent.

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