Strikeforce sighting: Tito Ortiz always stirs the pot

The guy hasn't fought since May of 2008 and most of his trash talk versus Dana White has died down on the blogosphere but fans haven't forgot about Tito Ortiz. He is MMA's No. 1 villian. He was booed lustily throughout the night as the postfight interviewer at the Affliction 2 event in January and it was no different in San Jose where the crowd booed Ortiz's image every time it hit the big screens around the HP Pavilion.

He whet the fan's appetite during the postfight again calling out Babalu and saying he's very interested in signing with Strikeforce. Although he wasn't pleased watching Frank Shamrock get picked apart by Nick Diaz:

"I wanted that rematch, but with the way he looked (tonight)," Ortiz said with a grimace. "Thanks Nick, it's like watching money go out the window."

Ortiz said Strikeforce's relationship with Showtime and network television makes it the place to be:

"I want to be on CBS for free."

Ortiz also discussed his health following back surgery six months ago. He claims he went through years of back pain stating that he fought guys like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture at 75-percent. His bitterness towards the UFC seems to grow everytime he appears in public:

"UFC denied my claim for back surgery. They said it didn't happen in the UFC and I took that as a stab in the back so the chances of me going back to the UFC are literally slim to none."

Ortiz's has no fights left on his UFC deal but the promotion does retain the right to match any offer (:15 mark) through June.

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