Strikeforce hits St. Louis for the 'best fans in the country!'

Leave it to the "smartest" guys in sports broadcasting, Joe Buck and Bob Costas, to tell us which city has the best sports fans. The brainy duo has always bragged about how no city has fans like St. Louis. Let's hope not, when you see t-shirts at St. Louis Cardinals' games like this anti-Cub Carlos Zambrano rag.

I guess this means some of the midwest fans are really excited to see Zambrano's South American brothers, like Rafael "Feijao" Calvalcante. Cavalcante is part of the Strikeforce roster fighting in front America's "best fans" in St. Louis on June 6. Here's hoping Anderson Silva is part of Feijao's entourage, sees one these t-shirts and kicks the jerk wearing it in teeth. Or maybe the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Venezuelan Zambrano, can get a shot.

The t-shirt is ridiculous and offensive. The same goes for fans who wear anti-Yankees shirts calling Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter gay. After seeing this kind of trash, let's look to some St. Louis fans for advice on how not to act and think.

It's funny how MMA is bashed by so many around the country, yet we rarely have cases of prejudice or racism to cover in the sport.

Tip via Joe Sports Fan

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