Strikeforce fighters compensated after fight cancellation

Maggie Hendricks

After Strikeforce canceled Saturday's events, fighters worried about their finances because they didn't have the fight pay day. The good news is that they still will receive some compensation from Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC and Strikeforce.

MMA Junkie confirmed that the fighters left without a bout will get their "show money," or the amount they would get for fighting regardless of the bout's outcome. As far as the sponsors who also add to their fight night payout, it's up to each individual sponsor on how they want to proceed.

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Since finding out they didn't have a fight, a few fighters took advantage of not having to cut weight.

Gian Villante had to cut down from 240 to 205. He was in the 220 range when the fight was canceled. He headed to Taco Bell when he heard the news.

"If I'm going to be honest, the first thing I think is, alright, I'll just go to Taco Bell, but I don't want to go crazy," Villante said to MMA Fighting. "So I went with a cheesy gordita crunch with chicken, and they have this new thing, a Doritos taco shell, that just looked amazing. That was calling my name, I went for that one. I had about three of those. I went home and there was this veal parm hero that was in the fridge for about a week now that my brother left in the refrigerator. It's been looking at me for a week and it's just torture, so, I'm like you know what, I'm eating this thing. I ate half a veal parm hero that was a week old and didn't even taste good, and then I had about a half a gallon of ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough."

That's downright astounding. Thank goodness he is being paid at least his show money, as he might need to stock up on some healthy food to make up for that binge.

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