Still no 'stache, Steve?

While watching the Efrain Escudero/Shane Nelson fight, I was a little sad. Not because I was concerned for Junie Browning's bout with alcoholism, but because referee Steve Mazzagatti was still sans mustache. Why, Steve, why?

As you can see with the picture at right, his mustache was a work of art. I would even place it in the company of MJD' s Greatest Mustaches of the NFL. It was the perfect amount of lip fuzz that said "I'm here for business ... and pleasure."

I first noticed the lack of mustache on Steve during the April Ultimate Fight Night. It made me a little sad then, but I assumed it would be brought back. Maybe he lost a bet, or he got rid of it for the warmer months! Since the Ultimate Fighter was taped over the summer, this could be a plausible explanation. Perhaps we will see the 'stache again come UFC 89 or 90? It gets cold here in Chicago, Steve! You might need the extra warmth that lip fur provides!

The 'stache needs to come back. It was as much of a fixture at UFC events as Joe Rogan's one black shirt with gray pinstripes, Mandy Moore and the cut man. Please start growing it back, Steve. The world of fighting will thank you.

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