Stephan Bonnar calls it a career

Maggie Hendricks

After fighting UFC middleweight champ and all-around-tough-guy-to-fight Anderson Silva and losing, Stephan Bonnar is hanging up his open-fingered gloves. UFC president Dana White mentioned Bonnar's retirement during an online chat on Tuesday night, and Bonnar confirmed it on his Facebook page.

Huge thanks to every UFC fan out there! All I ever wanted was to bring ya'll some fun...hope u were entertained. Peace, love, & violence!

Though Bonnar's final fight was a loss, his legacy is safe as one half of the landmark fight that is credited for saving the UFC.

In 2005, Bonnar was on the first cast of "The Ultimate Fighter," and made it to the show's final to fight Forrest Griffin. Though their fight was hardly a technical showcase, it was a fight where neither fighter let up an iota. Griffin edged out Bonnar, but both men were given UFC contracts. At the time of their bout, the UFC was in a precarious financial situation, but Griffin-Bonnar launched the UFC towards being the promotion it is now.

After that, he had 14 UFC bouts, with memorable wins over Kryzysztof Soszynszki (after losing by a doctor's stoppage) and Eric Schafer. He finished with a final record of 15-8, which was not a bad career at all.

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