Start out a freaky weekend with top MMA freak shows

We all love mixed martial arts but there is a freak show element to the whole thing. In honor of the most recent freak show, The Super Hulk Tournament on Tuesday, we give you Cage Potato's Top 10 freak show fights.

You think 196-pound Ikuhisa Minowa was afraid of 319-pound Bob Sapp at The Super Hulk? Clearly, he wasn't as he took out the big guy in less than 90 seconds. He was calm, cool and collected. That might be because Sapp was on the shrimpy side as compared to some of the guys that Minowa has been in there with in the past. My favorite is Minowa versus Giant Silva. The 7-foot-2 clown gets taken down with a tumbling single-leg and then kneed into submission (1:48 mark):

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Make sure to watch No. 7 where Minowa takes out Butterbean. There's a particularily disturbing "Dolly Parton" moment (1:56 mark) where Bean is smothering Minowa. Jose Canseco's travesty against Hong Man Choi checks in at No. 5. You have to love Royce Gracie taking out 500-pound Akebono with an omoplata turned armbar at No. 3. Choi is the only guy to make list as a loser and a winner. But I don't think I'd call No. 1 a freak show. CP tabbed Bob Sapp v. Minotauro Nogueira as the top choice. Sapp nails a tombstone/piledriver early in the fight and has top control for seven minutes. Then he gasses in the second as Big Nog pulls off an excellent comeback with an armbar. Sapp and Nog need to orchestate the piledriver better next time. It didn't match this one Tommy Dreamer landed on RVD, where Van Dam bounces three feet in the air.

Sapp could be in the next freak show of the summer when he faces Bobby Lashley on June 27. Chances are the fight will fall flat. Sapp is so prone to giving up quickly there may not be many fireworks. So we'll go with Tim Sylvia versus Ray Mercer as the freak show of the summer.

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