Will Stann’s hero status put muzzle on Sonnen?

Chael Sonnen is back and ready to flame throw on various UFC fighters. He opened with a bang by smashing Wanderlei Silva before the Brazilian lost at UFC 132. For Sonnen, everyone has been fair game, but does that include his next opponent Brian Stann?

Stann, a former football player at Navy and a Marine, was a war hero in Iraq. The kid is squeaky clean and a big fan favorite. Will Sonnen dare to cross the line as he's done with so many previous opponents? Stann says no.

"I know Chael; he's just not going to do it. I know there's respect there. If he chooses to do it, honestly, I just don't take it personally — the same way when I fought Chris Leben and he said I couldn't punch my way out of a paper bag. Fighters have to sell fights. If I get wrapped up in the trash talk, I'm not focusing on the technical skills that I need to win the actual fight," Stann told MMAjunkie. "I have so many coaches and great training partners around me that I don't really have time to pay attention to any of it… I don't know if Chael in his heart of hearts really believes what he's saying,"

On ESPNRadio1100 in Las Vegas, Frank Trigg of "The MMA Insiders" spoke about Sonnen's possible tactics before the Stann fight and why the UFC has jumped feet first back into the Chael business.

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