Stankie: the Early Days

Here at Yahoo!, we love Al "Stankie" Stankiewicz, Antonio Nogueira's boxing coach on this season of the Ultimate Fighter. From his inspirational sayings about staying on your feet to avoid farts, to his attempts with the ladies, he is just a big ball of entertainment.

But what else do we know about this man, except that he is 167 67 years old, wears a green beret, and has more folksy wisdom than a presidential candidate could possibly dream of? Before his boxing days, he was a Los Angeles police officer. In that role, he started coaching kids at the police gym, even recruiting 1984 Olympic gold medal winner Paul Gonzales into the ring.

He first teamed up with Vitor Belfort, training him for UFC 13. Belfort credited Stankie with getting him ready for the match in which he surprised Tank Abbott with a technical knockout.

So is Stankie a little crazy? Yeah, probably. But is he also an experienced, well-credentialed coach who the fighters should listen to? Yes, definitely.

Photo via BoxRec.

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