Soszynski’s retirement on hold until doc says he can’t go on


Krzysztof Soszynski appeared to have retired following his fight at UFC 140 (4:00 mark). Now we're finding out there's more to the story.

Just minutes after losing to Igor Pokrajac, Soszynski made his statement made in front of a doctor during a postfight exam. Soszynski recently admitted he didn't even remember discussing the topic that night, but that doesn't mean retirement is out of the question for the 34-year-old veteran of 39 fights.

Aside from dealing with the negative effects of multiple slugfests, Soszynski says his knees are the real problem.

"I've been having knee problems since UFC 110 - the first fight with Stephan Bonnar. Ever since then, my knees just haven't been the same. We basically beat the crap out of each other, and ever since then I haven't been the same," Soszynski told The Province. "I've basically been fighting maybe 50-60-percent capacity. I've been fighting with these obstacles now for close to two years. I've had five knee surgeries in that time - three in the last seven months or so.

Soszynski sounds like he still has some fight left in him, but it'll be up to his doctor to decide if it's worth the risk.

"I possibly have to go under the knife again - I'll go see my doctor next week - so we'll see; depends on what the doctor says. If the doctor says I can get back to fighting, I would love to have at least one more fight, and go out the proper way, not the way I did against Igor. But if the doctor says that's about it, I'm going to respect that," Soszynski said.

Soszynski's been good for the sport. He represented it well by being one of the more mature characters on Season 8 of "The Ultimate Fighter."

Chances are, whether he's fighting or not, he'll contribute as a coach or nutritional expert in the future.

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