Sonnen gets a call from Armstrong, then mocked on Jim Rome Show

He's fighting the best mixed martial artist in the world in just over two days, does Chael Sonnen really need to deal with drama unfolding about his Lance Armstrong comments? Of course not, and now he's only making it worse by engaging in some sort of game/elaborate hoax.

We pointed Wednesday night that Sonnen told Fanhouse he never made the comments and never spoke with the interviewer Larry Pepe. Thursday, Jim Rome picked up on the story and booked Sonnen for an interview.

After a lengthy discussion about the fight against Anderson Silva, Rome then pressed Sonnen on his Armstrong comments. Sonnen again stated that he didn't make the comments and that it wasn't him on the show. Sonnen said he also got a call from Armstrong.

"He said 'I heard your interview, what are you saying about me?' He broke the story for me. And I didn't even think it was him. I've talked to him on the phone a couple of times," said Sonnen. "He blindsided me. I assure you, Jim, you will not find any footage of any such interview."

Then Rome played the audio and Sonnen denied it again. Watch Kalib Run has a nice recap of the aftermath as Rome mocked Sonnen and spun it into the topic of "worst lies ever."

Rome states that it's incredulous that he would deny that it was him. Rome states that if it was an impersonator, they spent 45 minutes doing an interview posing as Sonnen. Rome wonders what Dana White thinks of this "fight hype" as it's gone over the line and Dana is a "no BS guy".

Because he likes Sonnen and the middleweight has saved the promotion for UFC 117, we're guessing White won't rip into the fighter but he did come off as foolish on national radio. Some MMA bloggers are saying we're playing right into Sonnen's hand. He's turning the tables on the media. Josh Gross thinks it's gone beyond that.

It's not anything that damages the reputation of the sport, but it certainly knocks Sonnen down a peg. That said, maybe this final bit of controversy will bring in more pay-per-view buys which was the ultimate goal of the barrage of trash talk in the first place.

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