Someone in New York City voted for Chael Sonnen for president

Chael Sonnen, the UFC fighter who is known as much for his trash talk as his fighting skills, has a passionate fanbase. They pay to watch him on pay-per-views, stand in line for hours for autographs and pictures, and hang on his every word. One fan even thought enough of Sonnen that he or she cast a ballot for him in the 2012 presidential election.

New York City's official election results were posted today. According to the New York Times, one vote was tallied for Sonnen. He received the same amount of votes as Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City.

Though the voter probably knew his or her vote wouldn't result in a Sonnen presidency, Sonnen has had political ambitions in the past. In 2010, he ran for a Senate seat in his home state of Oregon, but withdrew when a legal issue arose. The legal issue turned out to be money laundering in connection with his job as a realtor. Sonnen plead guilty in 2011.

Now, Sonnen's sights are on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The two will coach against each other on the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter," and face off in April.