SoCal crowds embarrass themselves with needless booing

It's every fan's right to boo whatever they want at a sporting event. I guess I'll never understand why any guy who steps into a cage wearing four-ounce gloves and little else should be booed under any circumstances. I suppose a cheater or someone who refuses to engage may deserve to hear the Bronx Cheer but how does that apply to Jamie Varner or Josh Barnett?

Varner got nailed in the head by an illegal knee from Donald Cerrone at WEC 38's main event. He said he had double-vision and the doctor stopped the fight so it went to the cards. Varner and Cerrone beat the living hell out of each other for four-plus rounds but the reward for this slugfest was a chorus of boos from the fans in San Diego. Varner was still hurt by the reaction 30 minutes after the fight:

"I hate that man, I didn't ask to be kneed in the head on the ground. It's not like it was my fault. It sucks to get booed because I'm a competitor, I'm a warrior, I want to fight til the end. For them to boo me for something I couldn't control, it sucks"

Twenty-four hours earlier in Anaheim at the Affliction 2 event, Barnett got the same treatment. He took down and mounted Gilbert Yvel in each round. Yvel would simply not give in. In the final 90 seconds of the first round, Barnett unleashed 74 elbows, punches and hammerfists. He couldn't finish the very game Yvel who fired back with some heavy shots from the bottom. Barnett eventually got the finish in the third but then had to listen to the fans crush him. Watch the WEC 38 post-fight press conference after the jump.

Barnett said he was swallowing blood that was dripping from his nose down his throat throughout the final two rounds. Meanwhile, Varner thought that he broke his right hand and right foot during his fight with Cerrone. It was so bad, the guy left the San Diego Sports Arena on a stretcher.

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