Snubbed by TUF 9, Wallhead is calling out UFC fighters

He's regarded by many as the No. 2 British welterweight fighter behind Dan Hardy yet he fell short in making the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 9: U.S. v. U.K. That has Jimmy Wallhead (pictured on the right) in a surly mood especially when youngsters like Tom Egan are calling out bigger names in the UFC. Egan, an Irishman, lost in his UFC debut against John Hathaway at UFC 93. For some reason, Egan is now calling out Dan Hardy. Wallhead trains with Hardy and told MMAUnlimited he isn't happy with Egan's attitude:

"Dan [Hardy] has two massive wins in the UFC. I don’t think Egan has the right to even contemplate that fight. He is not in any position to call out some-one who is breaking into the top ten. Egan needs to beat some-one first. If he wants to fight Dan he should go through his number one training partner first."

Wallhead wants in the UFC and Egan may be his best ticket. But will the UFC risk putting the 20-year-old in with Wallhead, who already has 20 pro fights under his belt:

"His manager should call Joe Silva and set this up. If he can get through me then he can think about fighting Dan. Let’s make it happen in Germany (June at UFC 99), I am more than ready. If Egan thinks what Hathaway did to him was bad it is nothing compared to what I’ll do to him."

Wallhead is slated for the M-1 challenge in Tokyo in April against Hidehiko Hasegawa.

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