Sneak peek at Jens Pulver documentary

Jens Pulver, a pioneer in MMA, is also the subject of "Driven," an independent documentary spotlighting the fighter. Take a sneak peek here, but be warned, some of the language used is not safe for work.

Pulver is one of MMA's most fascinating characters. After living through an abusive childhood, he opened the door for lighter weight fighters, then coached them on one of the more interesting seasons of "The Ultimate Fighter."

The piece of the documentary shown above was shot before Pulver's last loss in the WEC, a submission by Javier Vazquez at WEC 47 in Columbus. (Since then, he lost again to Diego Garijo at War on the Mainland.) In a portrait of Pulver, you should see a study of contrasts. A fan-friendly fighter who gives his all in the cage contrasted by a guy who has lost eight of his last nine bouts and can't seem to walk away from the game.

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