Sleeping pills did in Bisping during his no-show episode

"You think you know, but you don't"

The famous words from former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora to some media members trying to talk football. It's no different in mixed martial arts. As much as we think we know all the behind-the-scenes news, we know very little. Including what it's like for international fighters to come to the U.S. and deal with the massive time change.

The jet lag hit Michael Bisping like a Mack truck at the start of the taping for "The Ultimate Fighter 9." He couldn't sleep on a normal schedule and it eventually created an embarrassing situation on national television. No it wasn't an all-night bender or some threesome that caused Bisping to oversleep and miss Dean Amasinger's fight, just a bad run with sleeping pills:

"We were training four hours a day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon so I was training in the morning and sleeping the whole afternoon," Bisping told Cagewriter. "In the evenings, I was wide awake and up until like 4 in the morning. Eventually, I took a couple of sleeping pills to try and get some sleep."

Listen to Bisping talk about the no-show incident with Cagewriter (1:00 mark):

Because he had some visa issues, Bisping had been stateside for only eight days. He took the sleeping pills the night before the Amasinger-DaMarques Johnson fight. Next thing he knew, he woke up all freaked out at four in the afternoon. The fight started at three. With a 30-minute drive from the westside of Las Vegas to the UFC gym's off-Strip location, he had no shot of making the 24-year-old's fight:

"I felt terrible for the guy. It was a shame he didn't win his fight but he's got a great future ahead of him."

Bisping said sleep is always a problem when he comes to the U.S. for a fight. He'll actually arrive roughly 10 days early for his July 11 fight at UFC 100.

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