Latifi’s future, a new Couture and more: Six questions that will be answered by UFC on Fuel 9

Maggie Hendricks

UFC on Fuel 9's main card kicks off at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday. What questions will be answered by these fights in Sweden?

Who the heck is Ilir Latifi, anyway? When the Swedish MMA Federation stopped Alexander Gustafsson from fighting because of a cut, the UFC needed a quick replacement for the main event. Latifi, Gustafsson's training partner, stepped up, but we don't know much about him except that he's on a three-fight win streak. Will he take advantage of the opportunity?

Where does Gegard Mousasi rank in the UFC's stocked light heavyweight division? Mousasi has made a name for himself fighting in Strikeforce, Dream and Pride, but this is the first time UFC fans will get a look at him. Fighting against Latifi, a late replacement, Mousasi could show he is the dominant fighter he once was.

Will Matt Mitrione end his losing streak? It's been a rough go for the football-player-turned-fighter. After starting his career with five straight wins, Mitrione lost his last two. Can a bout with Philip de Fries, who is 1-2 in his last three fights, give Mitrione a chance to right the ship?

Can Ryan Couture step out from the shadow of his famous father? After spending all of his pro career in Strikeforce, Couture will finally fight in the UFC, where his father became a legend. He will also have to ignore the ongoing dispute between UFC president Dana White and his father. Will he be able to win over Ross Pearson and start his own legend?

Will UFC fans still tune in after the main event was changed so close to the fights? This is a tough one. Gustafsson was fighting for a possible title shot. Now, he's off the card, and the rest of it is filled with Strikeforce fighters making their UFC debut and "The Ultimate Fighter" castmembers. Will it be enough for fans to spend their Saturday afternoon watching the fights?

Is Papy Abedi the best name in the UFC? Yes. Yes, it is.

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