Sims says Lashley is 'juiced up' and that he cheated

Wes Sims had something on his mind as he sat patiently waiting for the rest of the fighters to file in for Saturday night's Strikeforce postfight press conference. The 6-foot-8 veteran of the UFC and its reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter," brooded with a hood over his bruised head while wearing sunglasses. When his conqueror Bobby Lashley showed, Sims had a few things to say. He walked over the 6-3, 250-pounder, got in his face and shoved him. Fellow Strikeforce fighter Mo Lawal got in between the big guys and then it was time for Sims to vent.

"I warned [the referee] three times that he kept gouging me in the throat," Sims said. "Then I rolled over and gave my back, I took one strike and the ref stops it? I ain't no rookie. I've been in the sport for a long. I have a helluva high pain threshhold. Bogus stoppage."

Sims suggested there was no way "they" were going to let Lashley lose -- then he got personal.

"He needs to go back to being a security guard. He doesn't have the mike skills to be a pro wrestler."

Lashley was part of the WWE from 2004-2008 and is now in TNA.

"He's just a big juiced up monkey. He ain't got the MMA skills."

Sims expanded on his thoughts about Lashley and steroids.

"He's juiced. We did not have a drug test. And his own wrestlers threw him under the bus. I'm good friends with a lot of wrestlers."

Sims took the fight on with less than 10 days notice and was on his back in the opening minute. Once on the ground, Lashley wailed away with 25-plus shots. Lashley moved to 5-0 with a win at the 2:06 mark of the first round.

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