Was Silva's postfight interview lost in translation?

A few weeks ago, as I interviewed Takeya Mizugaki through a translator, I thought about how the translator was truly the person in power. Since his translator is also the manager, if he didn't like what Mizugaki was saying, he could easily change it. Not knowing Japanese, I wouldn't have a clue if he did, and neither would Mizugaki, who doesn't speak English.

According to Fight Network, that is exactly what Ed Soares, Anderson Silva's translator and manager, did on Saturday after Silva's uninspiring win over Thales Leites:

Silva goes on to say that he believes it was a good fight and that he can not always make the fans happy. His tone shifts as he says, "not everyone (referencing the crowd) understands what they are watching." He continues by telling the people in attendance that they can boo if they want, they can do whatever they want, since it is they (the fans) who pay his salary ... If you recall the translation Ed Soares gives, he says that Anderson Silva apologizes for his performance, this is not true, Silva did not apologize. In fact Silva goes back for a second question and declares that he did his job in the octagon ... Silva reasserts that he did what was expected of him, then says to the crowd, "I'm not here to show I'm better or worse than anyone, I did my job, unfortunately we can't always do what you want, that's all there is to it."

I've always been wary of fighters providing their own translators, because with ignorance of Portugese, Japanese or any other language spoken in the cage, the fighters, fans and media are at the mercy of the translator. If what the Fight Network says is true, Soares was looking out for Silva's business interests in the cage, but not truly communicating what Silva thought of his own performance. This is not fair to Silva, or the people who just spent the time and money to watch him fight.

The problem with this is that after this fight, many people were asking why Silva performed as he did, including Dana White. Silva gave us the answer in his postfight interview, but Soares chose not to share it.

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