Is Silva vs. Silva among MMA's best feuds?

Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva's tiff has led to statements from Wanderlei -- not Anderson's brother, though that would make their spat even more interesting -- that Anderson is "too cocky," while Anderson is helping train Wanderlei's UFC 99 opponent, Rich Franklin. It's quite a catfight these two have going on -- RRAOWR!

This is hardly the first, or the worst, feud in MMA. Bad feelings bubble up around the world of combat sports all the time, and quite often, they can be fun to watch.

Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz: The two started out as good buddies. In fact, White (pictured with Ortiz) was Ortiz's manager at one time. However, tensions between the two began to show when the UFC set up a fight between Ortiz and his friend at the time, Chuck Liddell. Problems continued, causing Ortiz to call out White for a boxing match. As chronicled on the unintentionally hilarious Spike special, "Bad Blood: Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz," White trained for the fight and received clearance from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Ortiz pulled out of the fight, later saying that he wasn't going to risk his health for no money. The two continue to throw verbal jabs at one another, even though Ortiz has fought out his contract with the UFC.

Mark Coleman vs. Chute Boxe fighters: This started on the other side of the Pacific at PRIDE, when Coleman broke Mauricio "Shogun" Rua's arm. Fighters from Chute Boxe, the famed MMA hotbed that at one time had a roster that included Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva and the Rua brothers, stormed the ring to help out Shogun. The screaming match between Coleman, his corner and the Chute Boxe guys spilled backstage. This feud has died down, especially since Coleman's sad loss to Shogun at UFC 93.

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn: It seems that B.J. Penn always needs a war of words before his fights. He did it with Jens Pulver and Sean Sherk, claiming that he was going to kill them and lick their blood off his gloves. (Eww.) What makes the war with Georges St. Pierre different is that Penn continued his verbal spat even after losing to GSP at UFC 94. Claims of GSP being greased up for the fight, then GSP saying how glad he was that he mad Pen quit, and B.J. Penn and his mom testifying in front of the NSAC about the alleged greasing made sure that it's not a good idea to seat Penn and St. Pierre at the same table anytime soon.

With Silva vs. Silva, the feud could reach fantastic heights if they ever meet up. Wanderlei is cutting down from light heavyweight, and wants to meet Anderson. It may just bypass GSP and BJ, and Coleman and the Chute Boxers, but I don't see any feud ever bypassing the hate and hilarity that is Dana vs. Tito.

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