Silva comes back to TKO Kyle at Strikeforce

ST. LOUIS -- Despite a strong start, Mike Kyle was TKOed by Antonio Silva at Strikeforce on Saturday night.

Kyle knocked down Silva early with a right hand in the first round and continued to throw punch after punch. Silva tried to default to grappling, but Kyle kept it up. However, no matter how many shots he landed, he couldn't finish off the much-larger Silva.

Silva recovered, as he started the second round by taking down Kyle, and striking him until he could get Kyle in an arm triangle. Kyle escaped, but then Silva got full mount and landed huge, damaging strikes until the fight was stopped at 2:49 in the second round.

Kyle took the fight on short notice after Valentijn Overeem was injured and left Silva with no opponent. Silva also had a huge size advantage, weighing in at 263 lbs. to Kyle's 219.

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