Is the Silva-Bonnar fun fight enough reason to buy UFC 153?

Maggie Hendricks

Earlier this week, UFC president Dana White called the hastily thrown-together bout between Stephan Bonnar and UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva a fun fight.

Asked earlier this month in Nottingham, England, if those ripping the matchup should relax a bit, White said certainly.

"You're absolutely, 100 percent right (that it's OK to have fun fights sometimes)," White told "The fact that the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world steps up and says, 'Somebody's hurt? I'm in'? Second time he's done it, too — he came in late after i'd already canceled the Jones fight. It's weird (fans are down on it)."

I like fun fights. Who doesn't like a fight that just exists for entertainment? But when you're talking about the pound-for-pound king who is 37 years old, you have to consider how many fights he has left in him. Is a fun fight at a bigger weight class the best way to use him?

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Another problem is with putting a fun fight as the main event of a pay-per-view. $54.95 is a lot of money to spend to watch the world's best fighter go against someone who is not considered a challenge, by oddsmakers or anyone else in the sport.

Yes, Silva saved UFC 153 from going down in flames like UFC 151 before it, but White shouldn't be surprised when people aren't over the moon about a "fun fight."

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