Shocker! War Machine threatens the President then loses his job

I'm not the biggest MySpace fan, but one thing makes it worth at least one daily sign-in: that's the enigma known as War Machine. Formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, MMA fighter War Machine is well-known amongst fans for being a complete whack job, and his MySpace bulletins are a must-read.

He topped himself last week when he said someone needed to "smoke" Obama. Cage Writer pointed out that the Secret Service would probably be paying a visit to MMA's biggest brainiac sooner than later. There's no confirmation on whether he got that visit but here's guessing that his new employers ESPN and Bellator Fighting got wind of the Obama threat.

That's a very creative close to the post. Looks like War Machine channeled his inner B-Rabbit. It's a movie, War Machine. Not real life. Real life is losing a shot at $250,000 and squandering your eighth life.

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