Serra vlog: I am not an angry midget

The trash talk has begun between Matt Serra and Frank Trigg in anticipation of their fight at UFC 109. It's slowly building. Trigg called Serra an angry midget and short guido. The Long Islander didn't take it too badly.

"Is that a diss? What's the point? I am," said Serra.

The midget comment did perplex him.

"I wouldn't say I'm angry, I'm ain't tall but I'm not angry. I like it. It's like you're the automatic underdog all the time because you're up to everybody's nipples."

Serra fired back ripping on Trigg's tramp stamp and his nail polish.

MMA's No. 1 character, Ray Longo, is back. He gets cracked on for wearing his sweet pleather fanny pack. Our favorite part of the video is the random explosion in a health food store when Serra complains about the "Jersey Shore fist-pumping" music. There's also a great "oh" when Serra walks into one of his gyms.

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