Serra thinks Hughes may be taking Gracie lightly

Now that Matt Serra is back on the winning track, he's ready to take some time off. When asked about who and when he wanted to fight next, Serra was non-committal on the topic saying whenever Joe Silva calls. If it fits in his schedule, he'll be ready to go.

His first order of business is to take in the Matt Hughes-Renzo Gracie at UFC 112 in early April. Serra said he'd love for the UFC to bring him over to Abu Dhabi in a promotional role so he could see the fight in person. Hughes has a rivalry with Serra from their appearances on Season 4 and 6 of "The Ultimate Fighter." Along with MMA trainer Marc Laimon, Hughes poked fun at Gracie jiu-jitsu. Hughes beat Royce at UFC 63 and Serra at UFC 98. Serra is a Gracie disciple.

Cagewriter asked Hughes at Strikeforce: Miami about why he took the Gracie fight (0:22 mark on video below). He joked, "'cause he's older than I am to be honest."

Serra was surprised by that answer.

"Maybe he's joking around that guy. He's doing that thinking Renzo's an easy fight. He's in for a rude awakening."

When asked about a rematch down the road, Serra said he doubts it'll happen and that Hughes wouldn't want it. If Hughes gets by the 42-year-old Gracie, let's hope there's a push for Hughes-Serra II.

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