Serra is living the dream

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Matt Serra in the cage or even involved heavily in promoting an event. He’s done what he can to further mixed martial arts' sanctioning efforts in New York. Otherwise injuries to both Serra and Matt Hughes have kept MMA’s best rivalry from settling things in the ring. Now it looks like it’s a go some time in April. Serra said he’s back on the wagon, training and avoiding his drug of choice, marinara sauce.

He's the last guy you’d expect to stick up for Hughes but he did exactly that when Yahoo! Sports asked him if he and the former UFC welterweight champ were over the hill:

"Not that I’m into defending Matt Hughes but I think (Josh) Koscheck is one of the best guys coming up and I don'’t think he got (Thiago) Alves down. I mean Hughes got the guy down once or twice. Listen I’m not going into a fight with Matt Hughes thinking that this guy is done. There’s a reason the guy is going to be a Hall of Famer. I'm keeping it very, very serious."

Serra also defended his own work:

“I lost my last one to GSP who a lot of guys are gassing up as one of the best pound-for-pound. It’s not like I just got raped out there. Before that I beat him in the first roundm so what is that about?"

Click below to listen to Serra interview (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield):

Serra is part of a 20 fighter crew stationed around the country tonight at Barnes and Nobles nationwide for a meet and greet/autograph signing to promote the coffee table book Octagon by Kevin Lynch. Serra will be at the B & N at The Smith Haven Mall on Long Island in New York at 7p. Check here for the fighter and city near you.

Serra touched on some interesting things in the interview including his thoughts on New York politicians casting a negative connotation on everyone involved in MMA. He said that he’s living the dream, teaching kids martial arts and a way of life. It’s allowed him to make a good living and to not have to fight five times a year.

He also strongly defended Brock Lesnar against his critics saying that the guy deserves credit for passing on huge money in the world of the fake stuff to fight for real.

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