Serra interview: He's getting a lot of fan mail from the Midwest

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes can't be any different. One is a loudmouth Italian dude from Long Island and the other is a farmboy from Illinois. The clash of styles and culture jumped off the television screen during the Seasons two, four and six of The Ultimate Fighter. Choosing a side is simply a matter of where you're from. Or is it? Serra told Cagewriter that he gets plenty of fan mail and calls from the Midwest. In his mind it has nothing to do with where you're from, a jerk is a jerk.

"People say they appreciate me being myself. I don't why, what the hell's their problem?"

Watch Cagewriter with Serra as he addresses the issue of being too small for Hughes:

"He's bigger, he'll be stronger. I feel I can be dangerous off my back. If we end up down there it's not going to be the same thing (as the Georges St. Pierre fight where Serra was unable to improve his position)."

Serra says that as you get older you lose some of your athleticism and then it's time to rely on technique. He thinks his technique is better than Hughes'.

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